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  • Autor Kermit
  • Uploaded 18.04.2015, 06:50
  • Letzte Update 31.05.2015, 06:43
  • Kategorie Sonstige Plugins
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DVBViewer Recording Service / MDAPI DVB Api Plugin

Special THX to Appiemulder the author of Acamd!

Fixed filter & mask issue
Added adaptation field support for filter

Add fix for wrong cluster size in decrypt
Add fix for corrupt data (table len) in EMM data.

Add MDAPI 184/188 Bytes support

Fixed PMT parsing (TNTSat, Digi TV,...)

Code cleanup
Changed plugin name to mdvbapi

Improved tranponder stream handling for decryption
Added SID to PMT filter

FFdecsa performance improvement:
MMX_64: +30%
SSE2_128: +55%
Fixed Long ECM data handling (tested on TNTSat Cherie 25)

Fixed MDAPI filter handling of tables > 181 bytes
Added support for oscam dvbapi protocol 2 (oscam revision equal or higher than 10653 is required)
Added function to filter multiple tables in single ts packet (like ORF)

This is a dvbapi plugin for the DVBViewer Recording Service or an MDAPI DVB software.
It will work also with DVBViewer but it is optimized for the DVBViewer Recording Service.
You can get the DVBViewer Recording Service at hxxp://www.dvbviewer.com.

How to install:
The INI-File:
The mdvbapi.ini have to be in the plugins directory like ../DVBViewer/Plugins, ../ProgDVB/Plugins or ../MDPlugins

There is only one INI-File for all mdvbapi.dll plugins which make it easier for the user.

DVBViewer Recording Service:
Install DVBViewer and DVBViewer Recording Service on the PC.
The plugin(s) have to be in ../DVBViewer/Plugins/Plugins[1 - 32]
For each tuner one plugin folder is used.
So if you have 4 tuners in DVBViewer Recording Service you will have folder "Plugins1" to "Plugins4".

Install DVBViewer on the PC.
The plugin have to be in ../DVBViewer/Plugins

The plugin makes a connection to oscam dvbapi by a inet socket TCP.


ip=< ip where oscam can be reached >
port=< listen_port of the oscam dvbapi >

debug=< debug level in decimal >

Please take a look to oscam wiki:

Possible debug values:
D_PLUGIN 0x0001 Log transfer from/to DVB software
D_FILTER 0x0002 Log filter actions
D_OSCAM 0x0004 Log transfer from/to oscam
D_DECSA 0x0008 Log FFdecsa infos
D_PIPE 0x0010 Log internal pipe transfer

The log file is saved in ../MDPlugins or ../Plugins directory.

You will need a oscam supporting dvbapi protocol 1.

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