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Thema: HDR support

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    HDR support

    hi to all .i now that the DM900 not supporte HDR by hardweare
    but does it support by softwear ?

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    No one broadcasts HDR by now.

    The standard to be used is not clear. There are HDR10, "Dolby Vision" and some other quirks from Samsung and the like.

    Leave this subject to the marketing guys.
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    According to one of the programmers, it should be possible (at least parts of it) and he is looking into it.
    Do not get tooo overexcited on that, as it has low priority. So it might still take a while until it could be implemented.

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    • hi .in the new update of drivers for DM900 on 24/03/2017 hdr soppurt added to the box
      Update: 24/03/2017

      update dreambox dm900 hardware drivers:

      - fixed a cec logical address negotitation bug

      - fixed audio decoder log spam

      - fixed possible audio asynchronicy after ts playback

      - improved robustness against wrong decoder usage from userspace

      - use ion interface for accel memory allocation

      - switched to a more direct framebuffer handling

      - the blit ioctl is a nop now

      - 3D OSD handling must be done in userspace now

      - allow to set empty rc masks to disable twirp and/or nec support

      - fixed green/pink picture after hdmi mode switching / boot up

      - improved vtuner compatibility with some vtuner clients

      - improved atbm781x C/T2 mode switching to fix tune errors after tuner standby


      - add HDR support (HDR10 and HLG should work)

      the TV/AVR must report the correct capabilities via EDID

      (on samsung tv you must enable UHD Color support in menu)

      - use delayed pip window destruction to avoid flickering in virtual zap plugin

      - add support for si2166dx dual tuner

      - add support for si2169 based combo tuner

      - add advanced video encoder settings

      b-frame, p-frame, gop-length, num-slices, more framerates, h264 level,

      h264 profile, open gop

      - si2166/si2169

      - removed long gap after diseqc message to improve unicable compatibility

      - fixed dynamic/static current limiting
      Attached Files

      dreambox-dvb-modules_3.14-1.15-dm900-20170323-r0.0_armhf.rar (2.33 MB, 41 views)

    editLink nur für registrierte und freigeschaltete Mitglieder sichtbar. ; Link removed as leading to another board.
    Drivers are always on the DreamOS feed so available in all DreamOS Images.


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