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    Hypro 4K Youtube problem

    Hello , i have an GI Hypro 4K that recently Youtube doesent work. When i start Youtube it writes " this action isnt allowed "
    Anybody has a new version of Youtube.apk for this device

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    the Hypro 4k uses quite an old Android-Version and that alone can create enough problems on its own. I don't know if one of the following options will work, but here are a few things you can try:

    1. Remove the installed youtube-app and all application related data
    2. Try installing the youtube.apk directly. Maybe it is necessary to try different versions, start with most recent for Android 4.4 version first. You can download the apk from various apk-mirrors
    3. You can install an alternative to the Google playstore (like aptoideTV - make sure to install the TV- and not the version for smartphones)
    4. Try Smart YouTubeTV (much more userfriendly), but I don't know if Android 4.4 is supported)
    5. Install Kodi 16.1 (Jarvis) and try if some of the older repos are still available. Install the youtube-plugin for Kodi and see if it still works. That should be the last option (if everything else fails).

    I don't own this device, but considering the hard- and software of the Hypro 4k the chances are imho not the best that you'll get this working again.
    Give it a try and good luck!


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